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About Catalyst

At Societe Generale European Business Services, innovation is an integral part of the overall culture. Catalyst is Societe Generale’s accelerator program that was launched in 2016 with the intent to engage with the vibrant start-up ecosystem in India and co-create solutions to real business needs and challenges.

This comprehensive close to 10-weeks endeavor invites deserving startups / fintechs to team up with us, experiment and engineer creativity and redraw our operating landscape.

Three cycles of Catalyst were completed in 2016 and 2017 with very promising solutions co-created with the startups. Both the cycles saw the startup teams and SG internal teams coming together demonstrating collaboration and co-creation to arrive at prototypes.

Catalyst provides an incredible experience, a ride on a digital future treadmill by testing your existing product or solution with real business scenarios.

Some of the key highlights from the previous cycles of Catalyst have been the interactions with a vast network of in-house Business Mentors, widening the reach of the promising
product / solution across the group entities, the a-ha moments that one experiences in the 10-weeks of Catalyst bouncing
ideas / discovering new approaches, the conversion from a Catalyst engagement to formal commercial engagements etc.

In line with its commitment to anticipate the fast-changing customer demand, Societe Generale is developing its innovation strategy by experimenting with disruptive technologies and stepping up its interaction with the digital ecosystem in a spirit of open collaboration. The Group is notably dedicating €150 million euros over three years in an innovation fund to finance internal and external start-ups strategically aligned to digital transformation. Read more on Societe Generale and Innovation on

Startup Benefits

How does your startup benefit from the program?

Catalyst is a comprehensive 10-weeks program wherein the selected startups or Fintechs would get to work on our theme based Business Challenges with guidance, coaching and mentoring from SG EBS's experienced subject matter experts on business areas. With the enriched interaction, an accompanied remuneration and a working space within SG EBS premises, it’s an apt platform to test, iterate and scale your product or solution with a real scenario.

Based on the demo day outcome at the end of the 10-weeks, potential engagement avenues with Societe Generale could leapfrog your company in the right direction. Catalyst is open to all startups (emerging or mature) with one or more commercial product / solutions with active paying customers.

Catalyst Themes

CATALYST is open to all startups (emerging or mature). The themes and their Business Challenges for CATALYST 3.0 are as follows:

Governance, Risk Management and Compliance (GRC)

Audit Platform aggregating all risks which is real-time, adaptive &layered/Tool to automate & manage risk controls across multiple business/ Enterprise solution to track, manage, report employee compliance. Use Artificial Intelligence technologies for cognitive analysis & decision making with the help of Natural Language Processing.


Use AR/VR technology to provide a great learning and interactive experience for Societe Generale employees. Create interactive modules to facilitate a more fruitful and efficient learning participation.

Predictive Data Analytics on ML and pattern recognition technology for Capacity Management

Use Machine Learning and pattern recognition technology to identify trends & capability to predict the future operation model based on past occurrence and manual adjustable inputs.